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Online marketing coaching and mentoring for accountants and bookkeepers

The best internet marketing coach for accountants

If you’re recently started your accounting or bookkeeping firm you’re likely sitting with more time on your hands than free cash to invest in marketing activities. Why not do it yourself with the guidance of an internet marketing coach that knows your industry and can guide you through it. Take what we do every day for our clients and use it in your own business.


Create a digital marketing strategy that works for accountants.

Web traffic

Be found online and get thousands of visitors per month.


Learn how to generate leads and new enquiries for your firm.


Save time and money with a digital marketing coach that specializes in services for accountants and bookkeepers.

Can your firm handle an additional 3 - 5 new clients per month?

Our online coaching program is designed to help you build a complete digital marketing strategy for your accounting firm so that you can start generating a steady stream of leads each month and cut down the time it would normally take you to grow your business. 

Our goal is to help you build out the entire strategy and implementation within 6 months. But if you’ve got time to spare, put your head down and get it down in 3 months if you like.

What's included in our online coaching program?

This package includes:

Plus, you’ll have access to our team if there are certain modules you’d prefer to just pay someone to do.

What do we cover?

Our digital marketing coaching is broken into various modules, each building on the foundations of the previous one. We start by building your strategy and brand guide and then move through a systemized process, in order of what’s most important to generate results online.

Without giving it all away, this is what we’ll cover:

Strategy, Branding, Measuring & Reporting

  • Competitor research
  • Defining your USP
  • Packages / Service
  • Pricing
  • Positioning
  • Target audience
  • Client avatars
  • Brand colors, fonts and guide
  • Setting up key digital tools (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, CRM, Google Ad account, Facebook Ad account, other ad accounts, tracking pixels, goal and conversion tracking)
  • Creating a monthly reporting template

Website design & conversion rate optimization

  • Re-build of your website (if necessary)
  • Map your site hierachy
  • Analyze and improve how your site and content is laid out, to improve conversions
  • Build a discovery call funnel sequence
  • Speed testing
  • Mobile first testing
  • Learn how to use Google Analytics, Yoast and other tools to improve traffic and conversion rates
  • Add a pop-up to your site

SEO & content

  • Develop a target keyword list for your website (20 keywords)
  • Research keyword opportunities
  • Create a content plan for your site
  • Start creating 1 content piece per week

Lead generation & online advertising

  • Create your first lead magnet for your website
  • Create your first facebook ad
  • Create your first Google Ad campaign (if you have an ad budget)
  • We can also guide you through ad creation on other platforms like LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube etc.

Social media & video

  • Create a social media calendar
  • Shoot your first 15 second video
  • Start shooting longer format videos 
  • Start shooting 5 minute Youtube videos

Email marketing

  • Create automated email sequences to follow up leads from your website and ads
  • Create email nurture campaigns to build ‘know-like-trust’ with your leads
  • Create an engaging monthly email campaign

Marketing Pro

Ready to take it to the next level? Talk to us about add on modules that cover webinars, podcasts and other forms of online marketing.

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increase in new organic enquiries

These are the results we recently achieved for just 1 new accounting client over a 6 month period.
From less than 5,000 organic impressions and 45 website visitors per month to this.
How would your business (and life) change with results like this?

How does it work?

You do the work. We coach you.

Our mission at MITCO Digital is to help accountants and bookkeepers grow successful firms. But we understand that you may not have the budget to allocate to agency fees plus advertising spend.

For that reason we’ve developed this coaching course that reduces the upfront investment for you AND gives you the guidance, structure, templates and resources you need to build a successful online marketing strategy and start generating new enquiries.

We’ll have an initial onboarding meeting and from there have follow up meetings every two weeks. During these meetings we’ll go through the strategy, progress that you’ve made in completing tasks and look at upcoming tasks. We’ll use our agency best practice frameworks to guide you. The workload is balanced and we move at the pace that you set. If you have the time to move through multiple tasks quickly, we’ll do that. If not, we’ll move a little more slowly. 

We use to manage all communications, tasks and files.

Monthly coaching cost

Online marketing coaching

for accountants & bookkeepers
$ 500 Monthly
  • Your own digital marketing coach
  • Expert insights and strategies that work
  • Agency templates, methods & guides
  • Proven digital marketing strategies
  • More leads & new enquiries each month
  • Increased monthly recurring revenues
  • Expert guidance and accountability

Meet your online marketing coach

Mike de Ravel
Mike de RavelManaging Director
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With Mike you get a coach that cares just as much about your business as you do. Our mission at MITCO Digital is to help you grow your accounting or bookkeeping firm with online marketing strategies that actually work.

Because I grew up in an accounting family (my father and grandfather each had their own very successful firms) and we work exclusively in your industry, we know accounting, your challenges and the clients you're trying to attract. Together with our awesome team of marketing specialists, I can coach you through the marketing strategies that will help you get new clients online.

Ready to get serious about your accounting or bookkeeping firm?

Learn how to grow your business online with an expert digital marketing coach. Submit the form to sign up or ask us a question.


Got a question we haven’t answered here? Get in touch and ask us.

You do have to go through each module for the reason that we need to ensure that the right foundations are strong and in place before we build upon them.

However, if those foundations are strong (for example, you already have an excellent website) then we can move through that module very quickly and on to the next one.

No. When it comes to the more technical aspects that are less time consuming, like creating pixels and installing code, our team will do that as part of the course. 

For more intensive items, like creating a website you can do it yourself if you have the skills, or use our web design team, at discounted rates for course members.

That’s 100% up to you. We’ll coach you and explain what needs to be done. You can choose to do it all yourself or outsource some of it. In some cases is might make more sense to outsource it. Our marketing team is able to handle all or some of the workload for you and we can offer you discounted rates as a member of our coaching program.

Payment is upfront on a monthly basis. This will give you access to our coaching program. You can cancel at any time, with 15 days notice.

Step 1: Sign up here by submitting the form.
Step 2: We’ll send you a welcome email with a payment link.
Step 3: Once payment is received we’ll send you an online onboarding pack and set up a kick-off meeting where we’ll get to know each other, discuss your business and establish the game plan moving forward.
Step 4: Together, we get started with your growing your business online!

Still got questions before signing up? Book a discover call to ask us your questions.