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Hear from Agency Director, Mike de Ravel, as he discusses the role that social media marketing should play in an accounting firm’s digital strategy.


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Online ads are a great way for accountants to win new clients in a way that's measureable and scaleable.

Take a look at some of the ads we can run for your accounting business.

google ads for accountants
google ads for accountants

Google ads for accountants

“We tried Google Ads but it didn’t work.”
Many accountants have shared this experience.

Theoretically, Google Ads should work well for CPAs/bookkeepers/accountants right? Yours is the type of service that people actively search for when they need it and the place they go to search is on Google, Bing, etc.

But to have success with Google Ads, you must have key elements in place. Things like deeply understanding your target audience, running tight, well-structured campaigns, designing a clear lead journey + retargeting, great landing pages, choosing the right campaign structure, bidding, keywords and monitoring your campaigns daily.

Our agency is highly experienced and skilled at running ads (and delivering results) for accountants on Google Ads and its partner platforms like Youtube.

Chat to us about running Google ads for your CPA firm.

Facebook ads

Is Facebook a good advertising platform for accountants? A lot of accountants like Facebook ads because they’re cheap and and fairly easy to set up.

But unless you have a very clear place for Facebook ads in your marketing strategy and have designed a well thought out user journey, you’re likely to get an inbox full of spam or  tire-kickers.

As a Facebook Ad agency for accountants, we use this ad platform very effectively to retarget people who’ve visited your website (possibly from Google Ads). We also use Facebook lead ads to generate ‘warm’ leads for you that we then nurture over time into enquiries.

Chat to us about how we can help you run effective ad campaigns on Facebook for your accounting practice.

Facebook ad examples for accountants
Linkedin Ads for accountants

LinkedIn ads for accountants

If you’re targeting a business audience LinkedIn could be a great advertising platform for your accounting firm.

The targeting options on LinkedIn are really accurate and you can reach the right business audience if you set up your campaigns well.

However, this is the most expensive online ad platform with the average cost-per-click  (CPC) being between $7 – $12, depending on your industry. You’ll need a sizeable budget (at least $2,500) to make this work for you and an active organic LinkedIn strategy.

Our advertising team have strong experience at delivering results, below average CPCs on LinkedIn Ads. Chat to us for more info.

Accounting firm advertising

If you’re going to hire a digital ad agency to advertise your accounting services, make sure you’re getting the following. Tap a box to see more.

What should an ad agency be offering you?



on all major ad platforms, at cost-effective ad spend, and the ability to market your offering well.



new enquiries and leads at a good return on your ad spend.



that you can be actually be proud of when they go live.


Real people

who treat your ad spend as if it were our own and are invested in deliverying results.



of campaign data which informs how we optimize campaign performance.



monthly reports that illustrate key metrics and your ROI.

Facebook. Google. LinkedIn. Instagram. Youtube...

Online ads are a key features of all our packages. Take a look.

Why MITCO Digital

Mike de Ravel
Mike de RavelManaging Director
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With MITCO Digital you get an agency partner that cares just as much about your business as you do. Our mission is to help you grow your accounting or bookkeeping firm with online marketing strategies that work.

Because I grew up in an accounting family (my father and grandfather each had their own very successful firms) and we work exclusively in your industry, we know accounting, the clients you're trying to attract and what works. Together with our awesome team of marketing specialists, we can provide you with all the marketing services you need, in one place. Take a look at our services and how we could help you.

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With the right ad agency you can make money, not waste it. We run online ads for accountants every day of the year so we know what works and what doesn't.

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