How To Get More
Clients Online.

Simple things, you can do, to grow your business online.

Do you ever visit your own website or pay attention to your online traffic?

As digital adoption continues to expand it’s important that you at least know the basics of how to attract new clients online. This resource gives you some simple tips to help you grow your business.

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Let’s dive in.

1 - how to get more clients online.

Mobile First

"Over 75% of people looking for professional services do so via their mobile device.”

Let’s look at a few findings from a Google study on what people look for when visiting your site.

It starts with understanding the visitor’s journey.

Say for example that your business is an accounting practice focused on small businesses.

And say, for example, that your ideal client, Jenny, has a home-made clothing business. Her business is starting to take off and now she’s looking for an accountant. That could be your firm – if she can find you.

Google’s research tells us that 76% of people looking for professional services (like accountants, lawyers, IT services etc) do so via their mobile device. This means that the modern website MUST BE fast and mobile friendly.

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2 - Picking apples from lemons

Google says...

“People looking for professional services want to know exactly what deliverables they can get and what the costs are.”

While Jenny is in the initial stage of checking out her options there are a few things that you can do to help tip the scales in your favour:

  • Be there. There’s no point paying for a great website if you can’t be found. You need to put some effort into your SEO, social media and other areas of digital marketing. Or pay someone to do it. Just make sure that you show up in search queries.
  • Provide valuable content. Think about Jenny’s journey. Maybe you know that clients like Jenny, with growing small businesses often face problems such as inventory control or cash flow. What if your business showed up in the search results with a link to a free resource that helped her with this. You’ve added real value, created a connection and can open a dialogue with her.
  • Make sure you have a number of good reviews on your website and on Google My Business to tell visitors why they should choose you!
  • Your website should clearly state what services you offer and exactly what outcomes you can deliver to Jenny in a clear, logical easy to digest format. 
  • Where possible state the costs of your services / product. This transparency is important and helps visitors make an informed choice between you and someone who doesn’t have this info. It saves them the ‘hassle’ of contacting you just to find out. For a service based business this can be tricky, but you could at least have a “services start at $/month”, or a promotional fee on display.

Note that it can be time consuming doing these things, especially content creation. Your time might be better spend focusing on other areas of your business and leaving these activities in the hands of online marketing experts.


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While Jenny is checking you out what is she considering? 

She’s evaluating whether your business is a good fit for her. You’re never going to appeal to everyone’s tastes but there are some essentials you can get right. 

At least make sure visitors stick around long enough to make an informed decision.

  • Google recommends that your site is easy to digest and interact with on a mobile device. Frustrating a site visitor because they can’t find important information or click a button because it’s too small doesn’t bode well for you.
  • Make sure the benefits of choosing you are clearly visible, in plain English! Use language your audience can understand, not industry jargon. The tone of the writing on your site should be relatable.
  • Again, reviews help, particularly from a diverse group of existing clients. Jenny may relate to someone who reviewed you and make her decision based on that.
  • Put team pics on your page. It helps build a personal connection and it also helps Jenny remember you. 
  • Use videos on your site. You could include videos that show your offices, discuss information that could be useful to your audience, etc. This really helps differentiate you and form an emotional connection.
  • Let’s not ignore the obvious. For the most of us, Jenny is looking for a business that is close to her. Make sure you show up in “Accountant (or your industry) near me” results.


2 out of 3 users say...

"that its extremely or very important to have the ability to call a business directly from a search results page.”

By now you’ve hopefully convinced Jenny that you’re her best option. But can she reach you?

Too many businesses make it frustratingly difficult to contact them.

Not all ‘Jennys’ will choose to fill in a contact form. 

If the choice is between your business, which only offers a form, and another that also has a personalised email address, whatsapp number, facebook messenger, or a mobile number, guess who’s getting the enquiry!

Here are a few things you can do:


  • Put ‘click-to-call’ buttons on your site – remember, most visitors are on their mobile.
  • Make sure your number shows up in the search results with your company info.
  • Ensure that our forms are actually mobile friendly (check the layout, test the buttons).
  • Include as many realistic ways of making contact with you as possible.
  • Use a CRM and automate the process. With the right marketing software you can track when someone clicks the button and enters in contact. They go into your CRM and you can ensure that you follow up with them over a set time period. This can all be automated.

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