Social media for accountants.

Tips and strategies for bookkeepers, CPAs and accounting firms.

Can social media work for accountants?

Accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers are in a tricky position. You don’t exactly have the most exiting content at your fingertips to create scroll-stopping social media posts. But you do have something incredibly valuable to the right audience. Some accountants know this and are using the right social media strategies to generate very strong ROIs.

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Tip #1. Know exactly who you’re after on social media.

People scrolling through social media generally don’t care much about you or your business, unless they have some relationship with you. How do you build a relationship with potential clients who know nothing about you? Understand them. Know what’s important to them, what issues they have and ways that you solve those problems.

Focus your attention on your ideal clients. Who do you enjoy working with, who pays well and appreciates your accounting firm’s work? Profile that audience and start to produce content that would appeal to them.

Tip #2. A long-term strategy: Build a brand.

Whether you’re a bookkeeper, CPA or accounting firm you’re all in the same boat. You offer a service that is not always in demand, like a product might be. There’s also more friction in the decision to change accounting firms and move over to your services. 

Factors that are important in the decision making process are trust, your expertise (especially when it comes to saving on tax), experience, range of services, how easy it is to work with your systems, as well as intangible things like, ‘Is this someone I’d like to do business with?’

Social media is a fantastic tool for accountants to build their brand over time with the right audience and slowly build confidence and trust in your business while eroding any barriers so that when the time comes to move over to your firm, its an easy decision. Mixing up your posts with the occasional behind the scenes and more personal stories helps build like-ability and rapport as well.

Tip #3. Social media post ideas for accountants.

Use dynamic content to add value to the lives of your audience and help them solve problems. Try to mix your content up across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. The audiences and their engagement experience can be slightly different in each marketing channel.

Here are a few content ideas that have worked well for our clients:

1. Ultimate guides.

For example: ‘The Ultimate Guide To Prepping For Your Personal Tax Return.’ Simple, clear guides that help your audience understand what is required of them.

2. Document summaries.

For example a post that links to a download with a summary of all the documents needed to submit your personal tax return.

3. Tax Tips.

Individuals as well as businesses love to save on tax. If you can create posts that help people be smarter about their tax management, they’ll love you for it.

4. Calculators and tools.

Create resources on your site (such as a quote estimator calculator) and then talk about it in a series of posts.

5. Informative posts.

Content that provides the latest news and information that would be important to your audience, particularly if its news they may not come across on their own. For example, changes to the fuel tax credits in Australia may be useful information to the right audience.

6. Testimonials.

You don’t want to blow your own horn too much but the right amount of testimonials (especially video) help build authority and credibility.

When creating social media content for your accounting practice, try as much as possible to use video. What works the best is you, or someone in your office, talking or presenting the information rather than just only using static posts. This again helps to build that personal connection with your audience.

Tip #4: Post time-sensitive content.

Accounting and tax cycles are very clearly defined from month to month and annually; from monthly bookkeeping matters (payroll, activity statements, tax etc) to annual submissions, tax planning, budgeting and so on. 

This gives accountants some very helpful content and structure when creating social media posts. The right information, presented well, will be hugely beneficial to your audience at the right time.

For example, a post towards the end of the financial year on tax planning could be useful to your audience and help promote your business. A post like, ‘5 Tips to decrease your tax bill in the next financial year.’

Tip #5: Social media is part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Accounting firms can’t rely on social media alone to generate new business. Other channels like SEO, your website and paid advertising, play a valuable role. One of our clients in Melbourne, Australia generates 80% – 90% of their leads via organic searches.

But social media is a crucial piece of your overall digital marketing strategy in that it makes your audience aware of you and builds that connection so that when they do search for an accounting firm on Google and see your name, it’s already familiar to them. Or when they see an ad for your services they already have some degree of trust.

We’d advise you to view social media as a key component of your digital marketing strategy if you’re an accountant, bookkeeper or CPA. At MITCO Digital we have been managing social media for accounting firm clients since March 2019 and have shown fantastic results. You can read a case study here.

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