How to get quality leads from Facebook

Facebook lead generation strategies for bookkeepers, CPAs and accounting firms.

Tired of getting low quality leads on Facebook?

Here’s how to avoid that.

If you’re running ads on Facebook and keep getting leads that don’t answer your calls or return your emails, or who are just the wrong type of lead, you might be converting leads too early. What do we mean by that?

A lot of accountants starting out with Facebook Advertising set up one campaign and try to generate leads from it.

The result? You may end up getting a few enquiries but they’ll be from people who know very little about your business or what they’re actually looking for. These are cold leads and are typically low quality time wasters. Choosing an accountant isn’t an emotional, spur of the moment decision. You need to build know-like-trust with your audience over time and convert people who have expressed an interest in what you do.

So how do you avoid low quality leads on Facebook?
Qualify your leads. Try this campaign structure instead.

Who are we?

MITCO Digital is a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in online marketing for accounting firms. We understand the language, the audiences and most importantly, how to generate new enquiries for you.

Step #1. Traffic campaigns that generate awareness.

In Facebook Business Manager, choose the ‘Traffic’ campaign type.

Set up a campaign using a few video ads, each one focusing on a specific pain or goal of your target audience. Right now they don’t know you so use language that tries to direct them away from their pain. For example: ‘3 Ways to Pay Less Tax’, or ‘How To Avoid Losing Your Family Home.’ (These are just example. The ones you choose will be based on your offering and audience).

Don’t try to sell them anything at this stage.

Your goal: accumulate video views so you can retarget a warmed up audience.

Step #2. Create a custom audiences

Create a custom audience of people who watched 25% or more of your videos.  These are people who obviously have some interest in your content. Note, if it’s a very short video, you might want to limit that to 50% or more to better qualify the pool of viewers. If your ad sent people to your website, then create another custom audience of people who visited your site.

how to create facebook custom audience

Step #3. Retarget those custom audiences

Retarget those custom audiences with another round of video ads, this time promoting an offer like an ebook, a guide, a cheat sheet or something that provides value to your audience, answers some of their pains and helps position you as a trustworthy authority. These ads (and the offer) should also correlate to your first round of ads to keep the continuity. For this, it’s best to use a conversion type campaign to measure downloads.

Your goal: accumulate downloads and email addresses.

Step #4: Do it again- Setup another custom audience.

Now set up a custom audience of people who watched a percentage of those 2nd round video ads and/or visited your specific webpages. Use the emails collected to create another custom audience. You’re now building an audience of people who are becoming aware of your brand, engaging with you and are hopefully becoming aware of how you can help them.

Note: At this stage you should also add these leads into an email nurture sequence.

Step #5: Generate quality leads from Facebook

#5. This is a repeat of step 3. Now retarget your 2nd round custom audiences with two different types of campaigns aimed at generating quality leads. You can try the ‘Lead Generation’ campaign type or ‘Conversion’ objective. Within Lead Generation test the Lead Form option and the Lead Call option. You could also set up a whatsapp or Messenger chat. 

The 2nd type of campaign you may want to test is the ‘Conversion’ objective where your goal is to convert a lead on your website – someone who submits a contact form for example. When using lead forms at this stage, ask questions that will help qualify your leads further.

Your goal: Convert warm prospects into qualified leads.

It's a lot of work.

As you may have noticed, it takes a lot of planning, set up and  content creation to generate quality leads for accountants. We know what ads work and what content gets a response.

Why waste your time and money doing it yourself or trusting an agency that has no experience in your industry?

Book a strategy call with our agency director, Mike de Ravel, and let’s start using online marketing to grow your business.